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About LSS / Contact

Landlord Support Services (LSS) is an online portal specially-created to bring Landlords and their Financial Intermediaries immediate access to fast, efficient and cost-competitive providers, who specialise in providing required services for their Landlord clients.

We have constructed a carefully-selected panel of providers who each offer various ancillary services often required by Landlords.

To gain appointment to the LSS panel, providers are required to enhance their typical SLAs/processes in some way (e.g. increased turnaround speed or online submissions), and to significantly reduce the standard fees usually charged for the offered services.

Once a panel provider for any new service have been approved and appointed, the service area goes live and through this portal, LSS provides the means to securely collect and forward the information specifically required by the panel providers for each given enquiry.

Each enquiry is time-stamped and passed directly to our panel providers, who have committed to acting within the timeframes published, and only in regards to the specific matter enquired about. Each panel provider contractually agrees to a strict no cross-selling guarantee, so that Financial Intermediaries can freely refer clients, for any LSS-offered service, with complete confidence of client retention.

LSS will broaden its services for Landlords over the coming months, and will always bring swift, reliable and competitive access to professional, expert providers.

We trust you find the LLS portal services of value. Any and all feedback or suggestions will always be appreciated.

Please write to enquiries@landlordsupportservices.co.uk

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